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three domed structures in a field

Athena RNG Project

September 2021 in South Dakota. NPL Construction
three domed structures in a field
Herd of cows in green pasture

What is the Athena Project?

The Athena Project includes the construction of anaerobic digesters on three dairy farms. The methane gas generated by nearly 13,000 cows on these farms will be captured, cleaned, and converted to renewable natural gas, which will then be injected into the local interstate pipeline and used for transportation, cooking, and electricity.

NPL’s Role

NPL is constructing 60 miles of gas pipeline that connect these farms and transport the RNG to the gas utility’s interconnect.


Athena is anticipated to produce 217,000 MMBtu of RNG each year. That’s enough to drive 2,492 vehicles for a full year. Any excess methane will be converted into fertilizer.


MMBtu per year


Vehicles could be driven per year