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centuri team forms a circle to discuss safety

Excellence through Continuous Improvement

To ensure company objectives and regulatory requirements are met, and to recognize performance excellence, we perform audits and assessments, monitor trends and key performance indicators, and conduct quarterly business reviews. We also conduct root cause analyses during incident investigations and communicate lessons learned to ensure corrective actions are tracked, reviewed, and documented. Through these practices, we can ensure that we are continuously working toward improvement and performance excellence.

Safety Performance

Since 2017, both TRIR and DART performance have decreased significantly, while work hours have increased 58% over the same time period.


TRIR Decrease


DART Decrease


Work Hours Increased

In 2022, Think SAFE Frontline Observations increased 45% over prior year. Safety and Quality Field Assessments also increased in 2022.


Think SAFE Frontline Observations


Safety and Quality Field Assessments