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Helping Provide Natural Gas to the Citizens of Toronto

Completed August 2023 in Toronto NPL Canada

NPL Canada, on behalf of its customer, recently replaced 4.5 kilometers of vital 20-inch high-pressure natural gas pipeline that provides natural gas to a densely populated area of downtown Toronto. Numerous organizations rely on that natural gas- from hospitals and parks to airports and arenas- as their daily, dependable energy source. The site, which sits at the foot of Canada’s largest and busiest elevated highways, is also a necessary egress to hundreds of thousands of commuters weekly.

The high-profile work was completed along a highly trafficked boulevard in one of the busiest urban environments in the country. A crew of 100 employees managed conditions including extreme water mitigation, live and abandoned utilities, a plethora of city sports events, and an array of seasons and conditions. The NPL Canada team worked in partnership with the city and the public, ensuring the highest standards of quality and, safety. The outcome: a reliable energy source to a bustling part of the country, and a project completed by NPL Canada with zero safety incidents or infractions.