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NPL Canada Fabrication Shop: Elevating Excellence in Quality Management with ISO9001

2023 in Canada NPL Canada
Nplc Fabshop Edit

Quality is uncompromising and a top priority for NPL Canada. That’s why in 2011 the NPL Canada Fabrication Shop sought out- and received- ISO9001 certification. More than a decade later, the team remains committed to this gold standard in quality.

The NPL Canada facility has been ISO9001 registered since 2011. During that time, the ISO Registrar has performed annual maintenance audits to ensure the effective continuation of quality practices. In 2015, the ISO9001 standard underwent a significant revision to increase emphasis on risk-based thinking to enhance the application of the process approach, improved applicability for services, and increased leadership requirements. NPL Canada didn’t miss a beat, keeping pace with the enhanced requirements.

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During the transition period the NPL Canada Fabrication Quality Manual and associated procedures were fully reviewed, revised (or re-written) to address the revisions of the standard. The ISO Registrar returned to complete a full reaudit of the ISO9001:2015 revision; it was deemed complete and successful. Annually, the Registrar completes a surveillance audit, ensuring the quality system and management involvement is maintained.

Thanks to the ongoing support and diligence of the NPL Canada Fabrication Management Team specifically and the NPL Canada team broadly, these audits have been incredibly successful.

In addition to ISO registration, the NPL Canada Fabrication Shop also maintains certifications with the TSSA (Ontario’s public safety regulator for Elevating & Amusement Devices, Ski Lifts, Fuels, Boilers & Pressure Vessels and Operating Engineers), the NBBI (National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors), ASME (The American Society of Mechanical Engineers) for the manufacture of pressure vessels at the above location and field sites controlled by the above, as well as CWB (Canadian Welding Bureau).

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