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Shaping a More Sustainable Future through RNG with NPL

in South Dakota NPL

Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) has emerged as a standout in the pursuit of a greener, more sustainable future. Centuri is enabling the infrastructure required to make this renewable energy resource a reality through the construction of new anaerobic digester systems that capture and process biogas from organic waste sources, namely cows. The work is being done on behalf of utilities and their industrial partners in the Midwest.

Proper piping systems are essential for the efficient and safe operation of anaerobic digestion processes, and NPL has the requisite expertise. In South Dakota, NPL installed 35 miles of 4 inch biogas and 4 inch high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe connecting dairy farms that transport the RNG to a gas utility interconnect. That methane gas, generated by three dairies of nearly 40,000 cows, is captured, cleaned, converted into RNG, and injected into the interstate pipeline that can be used for transportation, cooking or electricity.

In the last two years we also drove the development of four similar biogas infrastructure projects including more than 33 miles of HDPE pipe, underground manure transfer lines and extensive digester piping work critical to facilitating the movement of materials within the digester system. Our qualified and skilled workforce, coupled with an impressive safety track record, is making us the partner of choice to complete this complex work. RNG is proving to be a win-win solution, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and reimagining waste, and Centuri is playing a pivotal role.