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Crew member giving high fives to children at Brookfield Zoo

Strategic Partnership Benefits a Unique Community

November 2022 in Brookfield, IL NPL Construction
Crew member giving high fives to children at Brookfield Zoo

Project Brookfield Zoo Team

Project Brookfield Zoo Partnership

With a focus on safety, health, preserving the environment, and quality of work for this modernization project, NPL had to consider how to navigate around and entirely new community: the beloved animals and their environments! “We have to get the pipe in, but we have to make sure we do it in a way that does not adversely affect the animals or the guests,” said foreman Mark Rich. “It’s really cool to see the animals. The Zoo has been very cooperative with shutting down areas when they need to. When they can’t, we work around the animals, and everything has been going fine.”

Upgrading the natural gas infrastructure at Brookfield Zoo not only ensures the Zoo’s safety for the future but also reduces emissions from an aging system. This is where natural habitats fold into natural resources. Environmental concerns are paramount for this project. “It is our mission to challenge ourselves and those who work alongside us to reduce the world’s carbon footprint and, in this case, protect the animals as well,” added Adams. “NPL is honored to provide Brookfield Zoo with a clean and sustainable infrastructure that will ensure they can continue to entertain their community for another 100 years and beyond.”