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Npl Fusion 6 12 23 069 Sm (1)

The Kokomo Fusion Project: Fueling Tomorrow’s Clean Energy Transition

Completed September, 2023 in IN NPL
Npl Fusion 6 12 23 069 Sm (1)

Tomorrow’s clean energy transition requires access to domestically produced solutions today. The utilities sector plays a pivotal role in the shift to renewable energy sources, and Centuri is committed to working on behalf of our customers to achieve real change. The Kokomo Fusion Project, designed to provide natural gas services to an electric vehicle (EV) battery plant in Kokomo, Indiana, is an example of how economic growth and sustainability work in tandem.

In October 2022, NPL, a Centuri company, began planning work on an 18-mile natural gas pipeline for our long-term utility customer in the Midwest. The 24 and 16-inch steel natural gas pipeline was constructed to fuel a $2.5 billion EV battery plant in Kokomo that will create 1,400 local jobs The project broke ground in January 2023 and work was completed in September 2023, ahead of schedule and without a safety or environmental incident.

Safety and Environmental Excellence

NPL was a strategic partner at every stage and was tapped for its expertise on everything from geotechnical and direction drilling to safety and quality. The NPL team was unrelenting in every detail, ensuring all pipeline marker locations were strategically placed for future repairs or emergencies. They also completed extensive and complex hydrostatic pressure tests without incident.

Environmental considerations were paramount in NPL’s approach to working in this complex rural geography with changing ground conditions including sand, water, and clay. NPL employed two full-time environmental crews on-site, installing ecological controls and monitoring erosion. In addition, dig sites were properly remediated and re-planted. The NPL team received praise from numerous stakeholders including the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) for leaving the construction site better than they found it.

Economic Development

The Kokomo Fusion project employed 285 people and 17 crews. In addition, and as part of NPL’s commitment to local procurement, the project spent more than $28 million with 27 diverse local vendors. From trucking and equipment to paving and traffic control, the Kokomo Fusion Project engaged local businesses at nearly every project touchpoint, making it an economic engine for the region.

The presence of such an advanced manufacturing facility will strengthen the region’s position as a hub for sustainable technology and reinforce its competitiveness in the automotive industry. This pipeline project is another example of how natural gas can support manufacturing innovation and the transition to clean energy. It also exemplifies the type of work Centuri companies complete for our gas utility clients across North America.