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Award Winning Work

Award Winning Work 6

Posted on April 2, 2022 in News

On Feburary 25, 2022 The New Jersey Alliance for Action  honored 18 major capital construction projects at an annual ceremony.  The 18 projects reflect the most impactful of current daily activities in major construction and infrastructure initiatives in the state according to NJAA. Riggs Distler received one of the awards for our work on Phase II of the Paulsboro Marine Terminal Project. We are proud to be part of the groups and organizations that are working for the betterment of the state of New Jersey.

For our part, Riggs Distler was contracted by our client to install fiberglass drain piping & C900 PVC water piping as part of Phase II of the new dock installation at the Paulsboro Marine Terminal. According to the South Jersey Port Corporation, the Paulsboro Marine Terminal is the first major port to be constructed on the Delaware River in more than 50 years. It will have multiple truck gates, 295 highway access and rail connections.

The installation portion of the project called for some creative problem solving. Part of the fiberglass line needed to be installed underneath the dock. This meant installing piping in the Delaware River. The Riggs team came up with an innovative solution. They installed test balls in the ends of the fiberglass line and floated them on the water out to the dock during low tide, when the access to the dock was optimal. This modified approach allowed Riggs Distler to install the piping without issue.


The projects honored by The New Jersey Alliance for Action also recognized the efforts of more than 140 organizations making them a reality, including labor unions, contractors, designers, engineers, and others, as well as the project’s actual sponsors.


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The New Jersey Alliance for Action is a non-partisan and non-profit association representing thousands of business, labor, government, utility, education, professional and other New Jersey leaders. Its mission is to improve New Jersey’s economy through the promotion of environmentally friendly capital construction and infrastructure investment.