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Welcome to our Fresh Look!

Our Brand. Our Story.

Centuri unveiled our new visual identity that is a reflection of all the ways we come together to care for our customers and our teams. The intention is to create a consistent brand presence for all our operating companies wherever you engage with us.

The change is more than just a visual mark. It is an expression of how we think, work and deliver, on behalf of everyone we serve. It is about how as one company we connect people to power, meet the needs of our diversified customer base, and enter new markets, at scale. It is about attracting and retaining the best people in the industry and empowering our workforce and communities. It is how we will build on our 114 years of rich history, culture, and operating company expertise while simultaneously showing the world what we think is possible in the next 100 years.

Centuri has transformed into a premier infrastructure services company, providing electric and natural gas utility services to energy providers coast-to-coast in the U.S. and in parts of Canada.

Energy demands are rising, and systems are needed for safe, efficient, and clean power delivery. It’s never been more important to have strong, resilient infrastructure people can rely on to power their lives. We’re proud to support North America’s infrastructure needs, building and maintaining the networks that will connect people to power and bring energy to everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is the Centuri brand changing?
A: Centuri has profoundly transformed as a company, more than doubling the size of our business and rounding out our services to build a premier, diversified infrastructure services company. We revealed a new unifying mark that represents all the ways we come together to care for our customers, our communities and each other.

Q: Are there going to be any changes to Centuri’s service offerings?
A: No, we remain dedicated to providing the same diversified mix of high-quality offerings you’ve come to expect from Centuri.

Q: Has Centuri re-organized its operations as part of this brand change?
A: No. This brand change reflects the way Centuri currently operates by providing service through our integrated operating companies, working together as One Team.

Q: I am a customer of one of Centuri’s operating companies. What kind of change should I expect?
A: You will not see a change in your relationship with Centuri operating companies. This is a brand change that aligns with how our business is already organized.

Q: Can I still connect with Centuri on social media?
A: Yes. We are updating all our social media channels to reflect our new visual identity. You can find Centuri and our operating companies on LinkedIn, Facebook, X, and Instagram.

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