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Data Communications Service Expansion

Data Communication Service Expansion

Posted on June 12, 2022 in News

In the beginning, our DATACOM’s first territory was in Philadelphia. Now regularly performing in a vast geographic footprint across Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and beyond, the team is quickly becoming an industry leader across 4 and 5G markets due to our excellent reputation with wireless carriers and our safe and efficient track record in the field.

The backbone of our reliable service history is our commitment to safety. We provide training and continued education to keep up with the technology. For example, 5G technology uses specific radio waves called “C-band spectrum” to operate safely without interference from air traffic. The 5G work we perform requires specific training to be eligible to work in the “C-band”.

Recently some of our DATACOM team participated in a Tower Climber and Rescuer Training class, conducted by instructors Matt Brewer (Riggs Distler General Foreman) and Jerry Edwards (Riggs Distler Safety Coordinator). The class consisted of 2 days of classroom instruction, followed by 2 days of tower evolution instruction.

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We will continue to evolve with the market and look forward to continued safe and efficient progress in the field.