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Centuri Employee Care Fund

Together, we can help each other.

For employees. By employees.

Families help each other when times are tough, and the Centuri family is no different. The Centuri Employee Care Fund was created to help employees of Centuri companies who are suffering financial hardship due to unpredictable circumstances like a natural disaster, serious injury or other catastrophic event that impacts the ability to afford basic living expenses.

How does the Centuri Care Fund work?

Funded by employees of Centuri companies, the Employee Care Fund is designed to provide financial assistance for basic living expenses to employees who have qualifying circumstances. Employees seeking assistance submit an application to the Fund administrator, the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee (a third party 501(c)3 charitable organization), who then pays out directly to service providers on behalf of the employee. Applications for assistance are confidential, and approved assistance is granted as a gift that does not have to be repaid by the employee. The Fund is supported by employee donations, which are tax deductible.

Who is eligible for assistance?*

Full-time employees of a Centuri company who have been employed for a minimum of 90 days are eligible. Applicants must be able to show documentation of an incident, and its financial impact, in one of these qualifying categories:

  • Natural disaster – situations such as wildfire, flood, tornado, severe storms or other weather that have damaged or destroyed the employee’s primary residence or essential property
  • Life-threatening or serious illness or injury – situations where an illness or injury of an employee, employee’s spouse or eligible dependent prevents the ability to pay basic living expenses
  • Death incident – situations where the loss of income, funeral expenses or medical bills resulting from the death of the employee, spouse or eligible dependent prevents the ability to pay basic living expenses
  • Other catastrophic or extreme circumstances – situations such as fire, major home damage that could not be prevented, crime against the employee or other reportable incident beyond the employee’s control that impacts the ability to pay basic living expenses

*Other conditions apply. See application for complete details.

How can I help?

The success and sustainability of the Employee Care Fund depends on the support of Centuri company employees. With either a one-time gift or weekly payroll deduction, donating to the Fund is easy. And no donation is too small.

Centuri Employee Care Fund is a component fund of The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee.