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Hurricane Season is Coming

Hurricane Season Is Coming

Posted on May 31, 2021 in News

We’re rapidly approaching Hurricane Season for the Northern Atlantic Region (June 1, 2021) and are ready to lend a hand again this year with emergency aid.

Since the turn of the century Riggs Distler has been providing on-call emergency power and utility restoration for companies up and down the East Coast and Mid-Atlantic regions. Preparing early and deploying fast, we’re there before, during (when possible) and after storm events to aid in emergency power restoration efforts.

We’ve responded to hurricanes and major storms from Maine to Illinois to Puerto Rico. Riggs Distler has deployed thousands of workers and hundreds of fully loaded trucks to help get utility networks back online.

One of our first large scale emergency power restoration responses was during the 2005 Hurricane Season, when a record 26 storms hit the United States. We were first deployed on August 25th after Hurricane Katrina hit. Riggs Distler Crews remained working in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana after the additional damage from Hurricanes Rita and Wilma extended efforts to restore electricity.


Crews were camped out for four months living out of tents or trucks and sustaining their energy fueled by MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) just like the US Military. Employees did not return home until right before Christmas. Their efforts to restore power ended without incident or injury.

Storm Services Include:

  • Storm Preparation & Delivery of Equipment
  • Circuit, Substation and Distribution Line Restoration
  • Hazard Clearing
  • Pole Stripping
  • Repairing and Raising Downed Transmission & Distribution Lines

Our managers and field staff are the best in the business, and they have the critical experience and know-how to work in post-disaster settings. Safety is always our number-one priority. Through constant oversight, Riggs Distler makes sure crews have the specialized resources and support they need to tackle any challenge.